Is the iPad dead yet?

Is the iPad dead yet? Is Apple going to stop iPad production anytime soon? One might be inclined to think so looking at following picture from Apple. On June 9th I got an email from Apple about updates to the iOS Developer Program. It featured the above picture which immediately caught my attention because it misses an […]

Build NodeMCU firmware for the ESP8266

If you want to build custom NodeMCU firmware for the ESP8266 I suggest you don’t build it yourself but have it built instead by a configurable online service: All you have to do is define the branch from which to build and the user modules to include and… Hey Presto! there’s your personal firmware for you to […]

MAGZET: Magsafe for the audio port

MAGZET: Magsafe for the audio port

Sadly, there’s no Magsafe on the new MacBook. But there can be… on any device you own, thanks to MAGZET. This add-on to your current audio port relies on magnets to snap your headphone cable into the port, protecting your ears, your ‘phones, and your device from potential ruin. It’s also designed for modern gadgets, […]

Apache Derby logo

Why not to use Apache Derby

Here’s why you shouldn’t use Apache Derby: its developers and maintainers follow some really borked ideals and don’t truly care about open-source software. Derby may or may not be a good database – I can’t really tell (and I don’t care either). What p*** me off is the developers’ disregard for the open-source community. Let […]

Why you won’t fix it later

I’ve had this bookmark to Why You Won’t Fix It Later on my desktop for years. I keep coming back to it every now and then. I also share it with fellow developers. I finally decided to move the reference from my desktop to this blog and share it with you. In many environments the […]