Smiley on an MAX7219 8x8 LED matrix connected to NodeMCU dev kit 1.0

NodeMCU with MAX7219 8×8 LED matrix display

Since the awesome devsaurus recently fixed important SPI issues (#50 is from Christmas 2014!) in NodeMCU it’s now possible to run MAX7219 8×8 LED matrix displays with an ESP8266 and the NodeMCU firmware. Constraint: at the time of this writing (2015-20-22) SPI for MAX7219 worked fine only with then current NodeMCU dev and dev140 branches! As of mid November 2015 the necessary changes are […]

How does Docker generate default container names?

Today I was wondering about Docker default container names. They’re cool enough to have caught my attention during the first hour of playing with Docker. furious_heisenberg, agitated_darwin, romantic_curie… who would come up with something like that? Docker default container names When you create a new Docker container and don’t give a custom name (by passing –name […]