A day off in Palmwag

After a windy night I get up quit early and secure the towels we hung up to dry last night. From the pretty shower stall I can watch zebras grace – perfect. It’s our day off today. If you set out for an off-road safari you should always plan some extra days for contingency. Since everything […]

From the desert back to Palmwag

We wake up at sunrise on the moon (how we dubbed the rock desert we’re surrounded by). It’s super super beautiful! Simply magnificent. The night was quiet but I really really missed the toilet. We’re warming up and enjoy a prolonged breakfast. Since the stiff breeze stopped sometime during the night it gets warm quickly. […]

Sleeping furthest from civilization in the desert

Basically we could sleep in today but due to the francolins scolding we wake up quite early nonetheless. While having breakfast more and more birds of all sorts seek our company – or the company of the other birds. We get a little angry at Stefan because he feeds some left-over chilis to the poor […]

Treasure hunt in Marienfluss valley?

Once again we get up early, because we are facing a long stretch to Purros. Fortunately, during breakfast we don’t know yet how difficult it will be … Last night at around 1:30am Camp Syncro suddenly came to life because a few locals left for where ever with roaring vehicles. Hardly 400m outside the camp, […]

Van Zyl’s Pass and Camp Syncro

In Namibia’s north-west it’s comfortably warm in winter – even during the night (unlike in the more central regions). Last night I used the sleeping bag as a blanket and we had the “windows” in the roof tent all rolled up. The constant exchange of fresh air inside the tent apparently works everything but detrimental […]

Approaching Van Zyl’s Pass

Starting today we’re definitely exposing ourselves to Namibia’s lonely and deserted north-west – we’re heading towards Van Zyl’s Pass. Passing Okongwati we stop again at the “gas station” we stopped at a few days ago while on the way to Epupa. In the region we’re headed to every drop of petrol counts. The Okongwati gas […]

4×4 trail along the Kunene

I slept like a baby! The omnipresent rush of the Kunene river must have lulled my mind. As I get up at 7:10, being the last of the party, I plan to spend some “quality time” at the river alone. Impossible! Getting ready for the day, taking a quick shower, putting down the roof tent, […]

Hobatere Camp to Epupa Falls

Africa still muddles my mind. I’m happy but also a bit out of place. Seeing the first wild animals the previous night and the gorgeous campsite at Hobatere were pure endorphin. We get up early enough to see the sun rise over the savanna – beautiful. The weather is crisp and a heavy wind (going […]

From Waterberg to Hobatere Camp

The first night in the roof tent was an ordeal. I guess I didn’t sleep much after midnight. It certainly didn’t help that the temperature dropped closer and closer to 0° as the hours went by. Fortunately, my dear wife was only centimeters away. Her presence gave me comfort. In the morning we get up […]