iCalendar factory

Ok, here's the deal.

You want this script to produce rfc2445-compliant iCalendar objects and stream them as .ics attachments to your browser. Fine, you'll get just that - if you behave nicely.


Parameters denoted with a * are mandatory. If you include non-ASCII characters in the free text parameters they must be URL encoded aka percent encoded! You may use either GET or POST to inovke the script.

  parameter description syntax/data type example(s)
* start event start date y-m-d-hour_1-24-min-sec 2009-12-24-19-30-00
* title summary/subject free text Christmas Eve
* location where the event takes place free text at home
* description agenda free text Party, party, party!
  end event end date y-m-d-hour_1-24-min-sec 2009-12-24-23-30-00
  duration event duration
-> either end or duration must be set!
n{w,d,h,m} 1w -> 1 week
30m -> 30 min
5h -> 5 hours
2d -> 2 days
  alarm if you want audio notification a certain amount of time before the event n{w,d,h,m} 1w -> 1 week
30m -> 30 min
5h -> 5 hours
2d -> 2 days
  cancel if you want this event to be cancelled
-> creates an iCalendar with the corresponding status set - only works if you call it with the same start, title, location, description as the original event as those fields make up the unique id of the event
y y -> yes


A few example URLs with explanations: