SRVE0190E on WebSphere 6.1 – the solution

SRVE0190E - IBM WebSphere logoIf you use ServletFilters that are mapped to URLs/resources that don’t physically exist (e.g. such as Paul Tuckey’s UrlRewriteFilter) IBM WebSphere 6.1 (I said version 6.1, right) will answer such requests with “Error 404: SRVE0190E”. If WebSphere runs in trace mode you’ll see a FileNotFoundException in the log file.

How to work around SRVE0190E

This is yet another idiotic WebSphere behavior that you need to work around. Set

in Servers -> Server -> Web Container Settings -> Web Container -> Custom Properties.

IBM has more information about SRVE0190E and ‘invokefilterscompatibility=true’ in their custom properties documentation (search for “Invoking the filter capability”) and on the respective support document (for fix pack 6.1.07). Since the URLs to those documents might become invalid in the future I persisted the latter in a PDF.

Update 2012-10-14

Although my post specifically says WebSphere 6.1 I keep getting request about SRVE0190E for WebSphere X.Y. I don’t know anything about anything other than 6.1 as I try my best to stay away from anything WebSphere-related as far as I can. However, others claim that for the same problem in WebSphere 8 (I didn’t say 7 or 9 or whatever) the settings need to be

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