The history of the domain frightanic.com dates back to the year 1997. At 21 I moved from Switzerland to Santa Barbara, California, to improve my English for nine months. At some point I ended up as an intern at Image Net to satisfy my growing interest in everything related to computers. My stint there helped shape the decision to study computer sience once back home.

While in Santa Barbara my dear friend Kristian Andreas from Norway and I founded frightanic.com and uploaded its first very basic pages. It became sort of a documentary of the great time we had in California. Over the years the face and the content of the site changed, but I always kept the original pages available at http://sb.frightanic.com. They withstand all technical evolutions in web development and are still very dear to me.

Now, many years later I’m a (Java) software engineer currently with Netcetera AG in Zurich, Switzerland.

A lot more about myself can be found at my Xing profile.

Oh, by the way, if you came here because you wanted to check out my old 2004 wedding site, sorry, it’s somewhat retired.