Printing booklets on OS X

On Windows machines I’m used to using FinePrint to pre-process every document before it’s actually sent to the printer (2 on 1 page, 4 on 1, booklet, watermark, template, etc). From that suite of features what I miss the most on OS X is the ability to print booklets. Turns out there are at least two tools for OS X that provide that:

  1. Create Booklet
  2. CocoaBooklet

I tried Create Booklet and was quite impressed – it does what it says it does and it does that well. The documentation, however, is quite poor. In fact there’s none at all one the developer’s site. The DMG file contains a Quick Introduction.pdf that serves as a good documentation – if you don’t overlook it. The developer should have put the document’s content online. Then people could get a glimpse of what the tool does before they download (and install) it.

Update 2015-08-12

CocoaBooklet is dead and CreateBooklet now sells for $10 in the App Store. Apparently they have kept raising the price over the years and months. A blog post that is just a few months old (I forget where that was) stated a price of $5. The original free version 1.1 works still well. Please find it attached to this post.

Update 2016-10-22

The CreateBooklet folks really seem to have become greedy over time. The app now sells for $20… Also, I was told the original version didn’t work on macOS Mojave anymore. Sigh.

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