UnknownHostException with ‘%’ in IPv6 address

dnsjava to resolve whatever address request.getRemoteAddr() would return. This worked very well in most cases. However, in some cases I would see something like: [quote]java.net.UnknownHostException: Invalid address: fe80::1d9:b65a:ed86:7940%11[/quote] Not being much of a networking expert I was puzzled about the ‘%11’. Once again superuser.com came to rescue: http://superuser.com/questions/99746/why-is-there-a-in-the-ipv6-address

Windows Explorer takes so long to start – too long

When you search the Internet for answers to questions like “Why does Windows Explorer take so long to start” or “Windows Explorer takes too long to start” you’ll find thousands of hits. One I can recommend for a nice overview is here: http://ask-leo.com/why_does_windows_explorer_take_so_long_to_display_sometimes.html As mentioned in the article the cause usually is that Windows stumbles […]

Export from mailman web interface

If you’re faced with the challenging task of exporting a mailman subscribers list through the mailman web interface (e.g. because you don’t have SSH access to the server) look no further, there’s a nice Python-based solution for this. Download http://msapiro.net/mailman-subscribers.py onto your Python-enabled system and run: ./mailman-subscribers.py -f <host_URL_without_http://> <listname> <password>