The generosity of my users

I’m an avid proponent of free and open-source software (FOSS). All the open-source services and applications I offer are of course free but I accept donations (i.e. donation-ware). The inflow of PayPal donations is very moderate but that’s alright. Fortunately I don’t have to live off of that – I would have long starved to death. […]

Denmark, an anti-whaling member nation of the EU, participates in slaughter of whales Fourteen Sea Shepherd Conservation Society volunteer crew members of pilot whale defense campaign Operation GrindStop 2014 were arrested today on the Faroese island of Sandoy, as they entered the water to defend pilot whales from the brutal mass slaughter known as “grindadráp” or “grind” – putting themselves directly between a pod of 33 whales […]