Why do Japanese live so long?

Up until now I was more or less convinced that electro magnetic fields/radiation (EMF/EMR) do no good to “living creatures” (humans, animals, plants). I couldn’t fully justify this believe with rational arguments only, though – bad for an engineer like myself. The internet is full of EMF/EMR articles for example at WHO, Wikipedia EMF, or […]

A song that moved me

I’ve been listening to (American) Country music at www.181.fm through iTunes lately quite a bit. While I don’t share the overly religious, simplified, and USA-centered basis of most of the songs I still enjoy the music. I respect all the hard-working country folk most songs are dedicated to. Nonetheless, some songs can bring you close […]

I jog, therefore I am

You see, Descartes’ famous dictum “Cogito ergo sum” can be transformed into whatever expression suits you best. I hate jogging. I find it boring and only jog from time to time because it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay fit with outdoor sports. Sometimes though I feel I have to go jogging. […]