Finally, home again

After a long day we arrived here in Switzerland at 7 this morning. Puhhh, home, sweet home! We really enjoyed the few days in Chicago. Despite its size we found it pretty calm. It’s rather the laid back attitude of a west coast city than the hectic, bustling atmosphere of let’s say New York. We […]

On the way home

On Monday morning 5:45 we started our long way home. ‘Long’ simply because it is not the most direct route available to us (ferry to Vancouver Island, ferry to Vancouver, flight to Chicago, 4 nights in Chicago, flight to Zurich via New York). The stay at the Eagle Lodge in Bella Coola was really wonderful. […]

Soccer fever

Sorry, I don't really feel like writing a whole essay here, but for those who follow this blog (I know some do…) I'll just post a quick update. So, we spent two nights at a wonderful B & B in Williams Lake. If you happen to be in that area you should definitly put Rowat's […]

Countin' down

The days in Jasper weren’t really spectacular. There’s not much to do in Jasper if the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities. It was pouring for 36 hours non-stop. So, we spent several hours at the library reading newspapers and magazins. We did one hike up to The Whistlers, though. We hardly saw anyone on […]

Going north

After some serious grocery shopping we headed north on Monday on the famous Icefield Parkway from Lake Louise to Jasper. Spread along the highway are various viewpoints and hiking trails. We stopped at Bow Lake to follow a trail along the lake back to the Bow Glacier Falls. From the edge of the cliff that marks […]

Hiking in Banff NP

Yesterday despite warnings from the visitor center ("too much snow…not recommended…") we set off for a hike up to Sentinel Pass under a wonderfully blue sky. The sun had woke us up rather early shining right into our faces! What a nice way to start a day… Apparently we were the first to try to […]

Teahouse tour

The weather didn't look any better this morning than it did yesterday, but we decided we wanted to go hiking anyway. We chose a nice round-trip up to the Lake Agnes Teahouse, over the Big Beehive, and then up to the Six Glaciers Teahouse. We set off without knowing what to expect of something named […]

The first bear

We’re in Lake Louise in Banff National Park and guess what – it’s raining. As anticipated we did some fishing at the Mile High Adventure Resort near Kamloops. The only fish we caught though, got away due to Akiko’s bad “aiming abilities”. When she tried to hit the fish dithering from my fishing rod (trying […]

Half way through

We ended up staying five nights in Squamish. After three nights at the hostel we transfered to Sunwolf Outdoor Center for the next two nights. They have very cosy and cute cabins with wooden furniture. The first day in Squamish we hiked up the famous climbing rock 'The Chief'. Supposedly, its the world's second largest free […]