Out of US

Hey folks, last night we touched down in Canada for the first time. At a little over 2 hours it was a pretty short flight from San Francisco to Vancouver. This time we were prepared to not getting any food on board (that's normal in North America now). Not like when we flew from New York […]

We're heading north

It's Sunday morning and we're sitting in a cafe in San Jose. It's pretty warm outside and the city is slowly waking up. We didn't like leaving Santa Barbara at all; it's just too gorgeous a place. We were able to meet both Akiko's ex-hostmother and my ex-hostfamily the Johnsons. The Johnson kids have grown […]

Going home?

We left NYC on Sunday for San Diego. We discovered that it is much easier to get to JFK airport from Manhattan by subway and air train than it is by bus. Think about that if you plan to visit New York. Seeing San Diego again after 8 years felt strange but very good. We […]

Working out in NYC

Good we brought comfortable sandals with us… However, our feet and legs still feel as if we had walked up and down Manhattan all day long. That would be a little far from the truth, but we’ve explored a lot of New York on foot indeed. Together with the wonderfully warm and sunny weather our […]

The eagle has landed

Well folks, we’ve arrived in New York! What an exciting city… Yesterday we walked around the neighbourhood (hotel area on 45st street), had coffee in Bryant Park and went to see the Public Library. The 7.2 million books there put us in awe. Today we explored the finacial district – and Ground Zero of course […]