Some fun for a change

A programmer is leaving his house to pick up his dry cleaning. His wife tells him, “While you’re out, do some grocery shopping.” The programmer never returns home. A man and woman are in a computer programming lecture. The man touches the woman’s breasts. “Hey!” she says. “Those are private!” The man says, “But we’re […]

How to add AccessDescisionVoters to AccessDescisionManager in Spring Security

Here’s a pretty neat approach to add AccessDescisionVoters to the default AccessDescisionManager in Spring Security: /** * This BeanPostProcessor adds all {@link AccessDecisionVoter}s that are set with * {@link #setAdditionalAccessDecisionVoters(List)} to beans that are instances of {@link AffirmativeBased}. This is the * default {@link AccessDecisionManager} implementation that the spring security namespace handler creates. * <p> […]