Which cables for TP-Link TL-POE200

TP-Link TL-POE200 injector and splitter
Which cables work with the TP-Link TL-POE200? Many do – as I know now.

This attempts to answer the question which network cables are supported by the TP-Link TL-POE200 Power over Ethernet set.

The user manual insists on the usage of CAT5 UTP cables. However, when I contacted their support asking if those were the only types of cables supported they weren’t able to help; rather disappointing.

In a quiet moment I went through my bag of cables and tested them all. Eventually the ones that I can confirm to be working with the TL-POE200 are the following:

  • Cat.5 UTP
  • Cat.5 STP
  • Cat.5e UTP
  • Cat.5e S/FTP
  • Cat.6 S/FTP
  • Cat.6 S/STP

Hope this helps when ordering your PoE ethernet cables.

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