The device has been disconnected or is unavailable – Huawei E220

Fixing "the device has been disconnected or is unavailable" for Huawei E220 USB modemsThousands of people are having troubles with those Huawei USB modems (assumption based in search engine results and forum posts). Below I present a list of steps to try out or hints to consider if you run into issues installing the drivers and/or software such as the error “the device has been disconnected or is unavailable”. I was using the Huawei E220 model but I guess the software/firmware related issue apply with other models, too.


How to fix “the device has been disconnected or is unavailable”

1. Always log in with a user account that has local admin permissions.

2. Once you’ve found an USB plug that works, always hook up the modem to the same plug.

If you see an error that “the device has been disconnected or is unavailable” when you try to connect, the following might help. The problem was that during installation Windows didn’t recognize the modem’s data interface. Hence, no modem was installed as far as Windows is concerned:

  • Go to My Computer → Properties → Hardware → Device Manager
  • Disconnect the USB modem.
  • Right-click on each entry in Universal Serial Bus controllers and choose “uninstall”.
  • Restart the PC.
  • Re-connect the USB modem to the first USB plug. Windows will initialize the device, pay attention to all the messages it displays at the lower right bottom of your screen. It will most likely initialize the device as an USB mass storage device, a CD-ROM, etc. AND hopefully as a “Data Interface”. If it never shows the mesage for data interface you have to try the device on the next USB plug.
  • If Windows brings up an installation dialog for the data interface, allow it to get the drivers from the internet, but tell it to also check in <folder-where-you-installed-dongle-software>\Driver\<your-operating-system> for suitable drivers (it might not find them otherwise).
  • If the Device Manager doesn’t list Huawei in the Modems and Ports section, you won’t be able to open a connection. Start all over with this guide 🙁


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  1. i had the same problem. only one usb port is not recognized for the huawei modem. if the modem connected to other usb ports its works.
    i tried following
    1. restart the pc
    2.used another data cable
    3. clean the usb port and tested with other usb drives its works

    finally i uninstalled the mobile partner and reinstalled. its works fine. but ther r so many files i can see at the installed folder than first time.

  2. Just for future reference…

    I got this error and I solved it by installing the program with the Huawei Modem connected.

    Probably Windows doesn’t install the proper drivers by itself, and if you install the program without the modem connected, it doesn’t know which drivers to install and doesn’t install any.

    Thanks a lot for the advice 🙂

  3. i tried but doesn’t work on IBM Thinkpad T40,
    tell me to do something for working on it.

  4. I face the same issue..doesnt work on IBM T61…when i restart laptop…able to see signals and connect to internet…but when i disconnect the device and doesnt show the signals..always get message – Device has been disconnected or is unavailable…fed up with this…not able to get the signals back unless I delete USB controllers and restart the TP…

  5. Guys, I never had to restart my pc. just uninstall, plug-in the USB modem back … it installs automatically and start working fine …. but the issue resurfaces everytime I put my laptop to standby mode.

  6. Thanks, I really needed this.

    I’d been able to get mine to work by reinstalling the drivers in safe mode (in normal mode, the uninstaller freezed), but then I had to restart the computer every time I plugged it in.

    Your tutorial worked, but I had to restart the PC in safe mode after I uninstalled all the usb drivers because the installer also freezed otherwise.

  7. I started having the problem when I switched from one USB modem to another from the same ISP and same manufacturer (Huawei), and plugged into the same USB port

    I tried doing all of above multiple times, but no luck. The USB gets recognized as a USB mass storage device, a CD-ROM, etc…but not a data interface.

    I have a DELL Latitude D630.

    Any help to resolve this will be appreciated as I am all out of ideas.


  8. My modem works normally by 2min. After that time, i’m disconnected, an i can see the message “the device has been disconnected or is unavailable”. Then i pull out my HUAWEI from USB, plug in again, and i have connection by next 2 min…

  9. I tried doing all of above multiple times. The USB gets recognized as a USB mass storage device, a CD-ROM, etc…but not a data interface.

  10. Thanks a lot. It works! I removed all of Universal Serial Bus controllers. Restart laptop and plug Huawei Modem E153 to usb port. When windows found new hardware and completed installed drivers. The “USB Composite Device” appear in Universal Bus controller and Huawei Mobile Partner software found E153 in device list.

  11. I also have dell latititude d630. same issue.
    device is getting recognized as CD / usb mass storeage device.

  12. Hello All,
    I had the same problem. My problem was resolved using the following troubleshooting steps-

    1- Disabled the WiFi network adapter.
    2- Connected the RIL Net Connect adaptor & installed drivers/software. That’s it 🙂
    3- I suspect there must be some hardware resources allocation conflict among the devices.

    The Prince

  13. I have the same problem, im using windows 7 on T400 lenovo laptop, the system can detect the modem but when i try to run the icon on my desktop,the connect tab is not active..please help

  14. Hi guys!

    I’m using a MAC OS 10.6. Im getting the same error with my Huawei E5832. Is the resolution the same? I dont konw how to solve this problem…

    Please help!

    Thanks 😀

  15. hi i have a huawei e 220 and mi problem is that it dosnt recognize mass storage ,it recognize 3 data interface wich is modem drivers and 1 cpm[psite, when i instal firmware last 20% of instalation just jump to end , says firmware update complete and when i reconect the modem to usb software dont start, it just shows that it recognize modem and composite

  16. Hi everyone..I have a problem with my modem huawei e220. The problem is..when modem konekted the computer, modem is normal..connect and disconnect itself. But when i use my simcard, the problem appearing. The modem conect the computer more less one second, then disconnect again in one second to. That even contionously happen. my Question, what wrong with my modem. And, how i can solve that problem?

  17. What type of coverage is the customer located in?
    Is the customer able to get network?
    Help the customer search for the Network manually, refer Modem Software Navigation for help.
    Help the customer change the bandsettings to and search for Network Manually,refer Modem Software Navigation for help
    Inform the customer that we have to perform an isolation test to determine the actual issues.
    Note: No faults should be raised for marginal coverage .

  18. I am using acer 4755G. the usb ports start to fail to read other flash drives after the huawei modem is connected. the laptop won’t shut down too when the huawei modem is connected.

  19. I unlocked my modem but getting it to work using the mobile partner interface was a real pain especially with the device disconnected or unavailable message when clearly the device is working fine(I checked in the device manager and also in devices and printers), besides, the mobile partner can pick up the available networks so I was beaten!!!!
    I tried every thing you’ve suggested on this page to no avail. So I tried connecting using Dial-up and it worked like a dream.
    So basically, I can set up my connections using mobe partner but can’t connect that way, I have to use the Dial-up. Funny enough, I can disconnect using the mobile partner.
    Will have to keep connecting thusly until it’s figured out.
    I am using an HP ProBook 4530s

  20. i use IBM Thinkpad T40, .. and problem isn’t solved.. what should i do with this problems ?

  21. It’s a great idea, dude. I was thinking about contacting the service engineer. But your technique did work and I am over the moon. You are really a troubleshooting expert. Kudos!!!

  22. I have aircel data card model no E303s. I have unlocked it but the every time I try to connect to internet it gives a message “Device disconnected or device unavailable”. How to fix it, I tried by uninstalling dint work..plz help..

  23. I have been having simillar error connecting to my laptop using Huavei 3G Modem. However I eventually rectify the problem by disabling the access protection on the Antivirus Software program. WI

  24. My device driver is not getting installed after following the above instructions. So I went to the Reliance Website and downloaded the new driver suitable for my device

    I hope below will work
    1. Unisinstall the Reliance Netconnect software and delete the USB drivers
    2. Connect your Reliance Broadband device then Install the new Netconnect driver that you have downloaded.

  25. my huawei is working fine with tata docomo .
    but do not connect my airtel [2g].it will show ‘airtel’ but when i tried to connect or check balance it says ‘ device disconnected’
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  26. Hi guys, I haves a Huawei e220 mobile modem. I can get it to connect to internet through my laptop, and it works. But when I disconnect the USB from my laptop, I lose everything.
    I no idea on how to keep the modem live so that I can use it outside my home (after all that was the purpose of buying it), so any help you can give me, please.

  27. Hi,
    I followed the instructions and every thing installs well. In the device manager also it is fine.

    But in Mobile Partner’s Choose Device, it is still empty. When I try to connect it says device disconnected or not available.

    I tried with another data card (Reliance 3g) and the device list is still empty. But with it I can at least connect. Any Idea how I can resolve it.
    BTW the Huawei data card has been unlocked with DFS Could that be the problem?

  28. Hi, I am using Dell Latitude E6410 and Huawei modem E272 , I installed the drivers from the device, it said ” The device has been disconnected or it is unavailable”. Then downloaded other drivers from the IPS – invain, the same problem. Then I logged in as local administrator – the same. I am out of ideas. Anyone has a solution ?! Thanks.

  29. thanks man,
    what I did is I disable the device and rebooted my laptop then I connected the device and it worked like chaming
    thanks again

  30. i m also facing the above problem i already done all above steps
    but it still showing disconnected or unavailable.
    i have airtel net setter(2g),and mobile partner

  31. when I was installing the reliance modem, the driver not installed successfully like message came. Eventhough it has installed and reliance icon open the deskstop. but when I was try to connect, the alarm came ” can’t access serial port make sure you have appropriate permission”
    kindly give me reply how can i solve this problem.

  32. Thank you . Your method worked the second tome i tried it. All you need with a reliance netconnect Huawei modem is to connect the USB modem just when the machine is restarting. Then if the installation of the USB modem doesnt happen on its own, force install it by running the AutoRun.exe which is on the modem itself (go to my computer, and click on the usb drive where the reliance netconnect Huawai modem is connected)

    Thanks again. I had this very same problem about two years ago and all that the SONY VAIO service centre had to offer was reinstall my OS (Win7 – 64 bit)

  33. hi frnds i unlocked my airtel huwaie modem when i inserted another sim card it is recognising tht sim but it is unable to connect even after sometime if it connects internet is not accessing so pleasehelp meeeee

  34. I have tried the all you have posted, but it doesn’t still worked out for me. The issue is that when i go to the device manager to uninstall the USB universal controller to uninstall, the mouse and keyboard will stop working.Please give more light by step by step on how to solve the challenge if possible with screen shoys

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