SD card recovery on broken unrecognized card with Recoverfab

When the other day my wife switched on our digicam we had no idea we’d be in for SD card recovery soon.

Right after switching the camera said it couldn’t access the SD card inside. I tried inserting the card into my MacBook – wasn’t recognized. Then I tried with the old Windows XP PC and a card reader – same result.

With a card in such condition SD card recovery using software recovery solutions such as Zero Assumption Recovery just won’t work.

After searching the Internet I came across Recoverfab. Sent the card there by mail, got receipt confirmation three days later and recovery confirmation another three days later. A fine service… The guy behind it has a high credibility because he’s worked in the semiconductor industry for more than 35 years.

SD card recovery…SD card recovery starts by opening the card enclosure

As it’s usually just the controller on the card that’s broken and not the actual memory chips they disassemble the card and extract the chips. Then the data is read from the chips with a special device in raw format and compiled into something readable. There’s a video on their website – quite interesting for the technically inclined.

…doesn’t have to be expensive

A word about the pricing. In contrast to digital SD card recovery using software tools physical SD card recovery is

a) only provided by a handful of companies and
b) usually terribly expensive

Those companies in general target enterprise customers for whom money isn’t an issue because their data is so valuable. With recovering SD cards one obviously targets John Doe customers, folks like you and I. The service provided by Recoverfab still isn’t cheap but affordable for most people. You pay per GB capacity no matter how much of your card’s capacity you actually used.

4 thoughts on “SD card recovery on broken unrecognized card with Recoverfab

  1. I discover Recoverfab from reading comments such as yours – I had a CF card that got corrupted from a poor quality card reader and my camera no longer recognized it and I was afraid of losing all my photos. I tried several CardRecovery tyoe programs and none of them could read the files. I shipped my card to Recoverfab and within a week I had a reply back and thumbnails of my photos sent to me in an email for review. I was so happy to see my photos after thinking all was lost. Fantastic!

  2. I can only concur with the comment above. 170 christening photos, including 3 generations lost due to a damaged CF card. Learned colleagues and in particular all internet forums pointed to one direction, Recoverfab! I sent the damaged card off, received confirmation of receipt and within 24 hours, all thumbnails produced for me to purchase. Really happy that these photos have all been recovered when I had assumed that they were all lost forever. Can recommend without reservation.

  3. I am amazed and so happy I stumbled on this blog, I’ve used RecoverFab and had 100% of my images recovered. During a wedding my card corrupted and I thought I lost all of the ceremony photographs! I shot the wedding on my other camera and as soon as I got home I tried to access the CF card in several ways.. I tried 2 cameras and 4 card readers and my computer wouldn’t pick it up. I just had an email this morning to say 100% of my images have been recovered and I cried with happiness!!! What an amazing business!

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