How does snow-shoeing feel?

In a recent speech I gave at Toastmasters I talked about a snow-shoe trip. Here’s an excerpt:

“…There are moments though, where I feel that this world is perfect, indeed. Right now it IS perfect. It’s early Sunday morning and most of Zug is still sleeping. Akiko & I drive along Ägerisee on the way to Sattel. The combination of cold air and moderately warm water has created vapor clouds floating on the Ägerisee…”Smoke on the water”… The sun creeps over the snow covered mountain tops and sends the first rays of sunshine down to us. When the sunlight hits the vapor it’s pure magic. A perfect world.
We’re bound for Sattel because we plan to hike up to Wildspitz with snow shoes. Wildspitz is a peak right across Rigi at the south east end of the Zugerberg. We park the car and prepare our gear. The cold air cuts through our sweaters and jackets and makes us shiver. We can hardly wait to place our first tracks in the fresh powder. Only minutes later it’s there; that feeling of being part of nature. Not detached but immersed. We tramp uphill putting one foot before the other – one foot before the other. It’s quiet. All you hear is the crunching snow and our breath. Minutes pass. Half an hour, one hour, two hours. Everything is so peaceful. The pine trees carry a thick coat of snow on their branches. Nature hibernates. We only see rabbit tracks crossing our path. As we get closer to the peak nature adds a magnificent view to the basket full of presents offered to us today. A perfect world.”

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