Japanese restaurants in Zurich

A list of Japanese restaurants in Zurich (“Japanische Restaurants in Zürich” for our German-speaking friends).
  • Samurai
    If you judge a Japanese restaurants by the number of Japanese who frequent the place this was the clear favorite a few years ago. Samurai was considered an in-sider tip back then. Located next to a striptease club in one of the red-light areas it wasn’t mainstream yet. Since then the number of Japanese guests in the restaurant has declined since the word has spread that you get reasonably price truly authentic sushi and sashimi – most guests are Europeans nowadays.
    My wife and I think that the quality of the food and the care with which the components are arranged on the plates have slightly decreased over the years. However, we can still highly recommend it.
    Reservation almost required for dinner, the place is always full.
  • Sala of Tokyo
    The food is good and if you manage to get a table in the quite back room (ask for it if you make a reservation) the atmosphere is nice. It’s a little on the pricy side but it’s justified for many dishes. We wouldn’t recommend paying the extra surcharge to have wagyū meat instead of the regular beef. It’s not worth it.
    We didn’t like many of the rich snobbish other guests. The Swiss owner lacked Japanese hospitality.
  • Fujiya
    Next on our list.
  • Yooji’s
    Certainly not the most authentic place in Zurich but the sushi is ok. If you go with a group of four we’d recommend to get the big sushi plate for all to share. Friendly staff.
  • ISHI
    Too stylish and modern to be authentic. Since they don’t even have Japanese staff we never bothered trying. Heard some horrible stories from friends.
  • oKara
  • isakaYa
  • Ginger
  • Takano
    Open-air sukiyaki on the terrace apparently -> we have to try in summer.
  • Ooki
    Ramen shop close to Stauffacher. Tiny restaurant – have dinner early or make a reservation. The place has its own charm, definitely worth a try. The menu is small but the food is really delicious. A few types of ramen and gyoza (must have), that’s all.
  • Blue Note
    No website (domain parking)
    Stockerstrasse 45
    8002 Zürich
    Tel: +41 44 202 17 17
  • Satori Sushi House

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