MAGZET: Magsafe for the audio port

Sadly, there’s no Magsafe on the new MacBook.

But there can be… on any device you own, thanks to MAGZET. This add-on to your current audio port relies on magnets to snap your headphone cable into the port, protecting your ears, your ‘phones, and your device from potential ruin. It’s also designed for modern gadgets, so all your in-line buttons and mics will work without a problem — meaning you can still change the song and then answer a call, all without catching your elbow on a cable and slinging your phone out of your hand and onto the floor.

MAGZET concept

I find this concept awesome but unfortunately you can’t buy MAGZET yet. It’s a Kickstarter campaign that isn’t fully backed yet. So, I’d be happy if you help fund it.

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