Personal fail blog post

Over time I collected a few very odd photos and screen shots that were just waiting to be published somewhere.

Attention test

You may know that I’m active on and off on Stack Overflow. For the first time in all those years I was recently spending some time to review low quality posts. After a few reviews I was shown the following message when I confirmed that the potentially low quality post was actually ok. Quite neat I think.

Stack Overflow review attention test

Google PageSpeed has a problem with Google

Not so neat was a recent Google PageSpeed session during which it found my site mostly ok but reported a problem with Google’s own resources embedded into the site as external content.

Google PageSpeed only finds issues with Google resources

Sending plain-text passwords by email is fine, right?

A sports gear shop in Switzerland sent me the following confirmation email when I signed up for an account. The password was right there in plain sight. WTF?

Why do they know my password? It should be hashed and salted before it’s stored in their data store. And they certainly shouldn’t be sending it out through unencrypted channels such as plain-text email.

Online shop welcome message with plain-text password

The German text in the red box reads:

  • Protect your account details.
  • Don’t pass on your login details to others.

What a mockery…

Catch up or overtake?

The following sign means well but they didn’t get the colors quite right. I guess they just want the cars in line to catch up and not to overtake, no?

Should I catch up or ovetake?

What’s my name?

Do they want to punish me for unsubscribing from their newsletter by giving me a machine name? Doesn’t make a difference they still start with ‘Dear <machine>’…

What's my name?

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