Tell Mozilla to slow down

Here’s an idea for your one-good-deed-per-day program: tell Mozilla on every channel to reverse their idiotic and suicidal rapid release process.

Why not start by commenting the chairperson’s personal blog post:

I wish the big wings at Mozilla realized that it’s not just the enterprise folks who care about stability (releases & API).
Simple question: what do you think counts more for the average non-enterprise Firefox/Thunderbird user
a) a few new features every month thereby loosing a few add-ons because fewer and fewer add-on devs want to release that quickly (they all devote their *spare* time, get it?)
b) a batch of new features every 9 months which had given add-on devs ample time to prepare

Isn’t really a question, is it?

Firefox isn’t so great because it’s Firefox from Mozilla but because of the ecosystem around it. Go out and piss off those who built the ecosystem and it’s gonna die.

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