WeMos D1 mini Lite

WeMos D1 mini Lite…again I find myself writing about WeMos IoT products. The D1 mini series now consists of the regular 4MB D1 mini V2.x, the 16MB D1 mini Pro plus the 1MB D1 mini Lite.

  • ESP8285(!)WeMos D1 mini Lite
  • 11 GPIO pins, all except D0 support interrupt/PWM/I2C/one-wire
  • 1 analog input (3.2V max input)
  • 1 Micro USB connection
  • 1MB Flash
  • 500mA resettable fuse

Yes, you got that right. The WeMos D1 mini Lite sports an ESP8285, a WiFi chip Espressif designed for wearable computing. Contrary to its older brother, the famous ESP8266, it’s got 1MB flash on-board.

I wrote earlier in 2016 about a Tindie dev board that also hosts an ESP8285 when I proved that this chip supports the NodeMCU firmware. While that board is a bit smaller and has got support for a LiPo connector and an external antenna its $19.95 price tag is hard to swallow. And the WeMos board?

The WeMos D1 mini Lite currently sells for $3!

8 thoughts on “WeMos D1 mini Lite

  1. Hello,
    I was looking for an emailadress but could not find one.
    So I’m asking here: Is there anything planned or in progress to create a similar service for the ESP32-chip?

  2. Hi Marcel,

    I have a quick question (although bit off topic) about the WeMos ESP8266 D1 Mini, I am using nodeMCU with http module and trying to read and pass data from the ADC pin into the body of the http.post() request, thus-far unsuccessfully.

    Can you please take a quick look at this small bit of code and point out what I might be doing incorrectly?

    Thank a bunch for your help!
    Keep up the good work, always enjoy reading your posts!

  3. I agree, quite a lot off-topic 🙂
    I guess my particular question is: How do I add the variable which stores sensor values from GPIO pins inside the ‘body’ portion of the http.post() request?

    As the body needs to be enclosed in ‘ ‘ (single quotes), putting the name of the variable just assumes the variable is just a string, rather than grabbing the value from the corresponding adc pin.

    Any suggestions?

  4. What about the power consumption of the D1 mini lite? Tested yet? It costs with shipping around 5 $. Is it worth instead of the under-3$-D1mini?

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