A biker’s perfect day

Yesterday I found the below ad attached to the reeling of a ferry in Switzerland.

A biker's perfect day
A biker's perfect day

Well, what can I say…the story speaks for itself, doesn’t it? It is certainly told from a male perspective. But hey, so what? My wife actually noticed the ad first and she thought it very cool, too.

However, it’s obvious that the ad isn’t directed at the extremely sportive and competitive bikers. Why so? Well, there are several indications:

  1. The guy gets up after sun rise.
  2. He takes the easy tour and rides downhill.
  3. Then he doesn’t ride around the lake of Zurich but takes the shortcut across the lake instead (FHM -> Fähre Horgen-Meilen?).
  4. Instead of stretching his muscles he goes girl-hunting while on the ferry.
  5. Then instead of going to bed early in the evening to be well-rested for the next day he gets laid.

Fine with me. Wouldn’t we (men) all like to be the guy in the story? See…

Disclaimer: I ride a PRICE bike myself.

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