I jog, therefore I am

You see, Descartes’ famous dictum “Cogito ergo sum” can be transformed into whatever expression suits you best.

I hate jogging. I find it boring and only jog from time to time because it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to stay fit with outdoor sports. Sometimes though I feel I have to go jogging. Certain conditions virtually drag me outside. Tonight it’s pouring like hell, and yes, it’s one of those conditions. I didn’t go jogging despite the heavy rain, but rather because of it. I makes me feel special. It’s that “what the hell…” feeling.

After five minutes my shoes are wet. So what! Then my Asics jacket. So what! Then my socks. Whatever! Finally, my underwear is soaking wet. Yuck, but what the f…! I keep running, feeling free. Warm rain (rain or water?) is running down my back and it feels good. The summer rain is so heavy it feels like in a car wash or natural shower.

Never done that? You should try!

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