Legend B, Lost In Love – those were the days

Rummaging in my musical past (which in many ways is also the present) on YouTube I ran across a user’s comment on Legend B, Lost In Love.

Was it really this fast? Fuck me the drugs were good back then! Theirs no way I could last more than 1 min now!! Have it :-))…..

Priceless – drew a smile on my face! If you leave out the drug part I couldn’t have said it better. Now…enjoy!

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One thought on “Legend B, Lost In Love – those were the days

  1. Hello! im now 35, when i used to heard that song, i was like 20s, i used to take ecstasy pills and dance all night, Now i hear it and i cannot stop smilling and remembering all that nice times. Thx 4 sharing!

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