Shopping in Konstanz

Once a year or so my wife and I take a day off to go shopping in Konstanz. Usually we start this day by having a small breakfast in the train’s restaurant car on the way from Zurich to Germany.

Once in Konstanz one shop we always spend a considerable amout of time in is Jeans-in. In fact, for my wife this shop is the top reason for even going to Konstanz. The jeans expertise of that one sales girl is amazing. She only has to give your body a quick glance to pick several jeans models that fit you.

This time we discovered that they started selling Kuyichi jeans. And they sell it big times. Kuyichi is cool not only because of their style and quality but because they’re organic and the company sets high standards in terms of sustainability. We like “green” stuff…because it’s the only option for our planet’s future.

One shop we only recently discovered is Cha Cha. They’ve got pretty cool stuff, especially for women. It’s there that we learned about the Swiss brand Alprausch. My wife bought one of their cardigan-style vests and I picked a stylish Skunkfunk top for her.

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