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AngularJS logoAngularJS @Devoxx 2012

I attended the AngularJS workshop @Devoxx – a blast. AngularJS has really opened my eyes as for how to build modern web apps. I think I became angularized in an instant. Then I went home and to told our CTO and a few colleagues at work. A few days ago we started building our first Angular app for customers. No, not because of my intervention…the team had already been thinking about using Angular. What I’m really excited about is that for once I’m not the only one who is looking forward to introducing something new. A pity I’m not part of the team that uses Angular.

Btw, you can watch the AngularJS talk (not the workshop) at Parleys if you have an account. If not you’ll find lots of AngularJS videos on YouTube.

Backed by Google

I like the fact that Angular is backed by Google. You may or may not like Google but having Angular backed by a strong web-centric company like Google gives me confidence that it won’t just go away because the originators decide to abandon it. This is essential for corporate adoption.

Fantastic documentation

The Angular website is super clean and allows for a quick but gentle introduction to Angular. The documentation and the tutorial are hard to beat. I warmly suggest you go through the tutorial the next time you have some spare time. No, wait. make some spare time to teach yourself Angular!

Spread the word

If you’re interested to learn what others do with Angular check out the apps over here: What my colleagues are building is ultimately going to be public but we’ll have to wait and see if our customer will approve talking publicly about the fact that his app is built with Angular.

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