Back on the mainland and another fuel story

It's raining; again or still…

From Tofino we drove to Campell River on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The plan was to spend a couple of days in Strathcona Park and then drive north to board a ferry that would bring us to Bella Coola or Prince Rupert. Well, neither of it worked out as expected.

We camped one night in the Strathcona Park since it looked like the night was gonna be a dry one for a change. We found a wonderful spot at the Upper Campell Lake to put up our tent. The next morning we set out on a two day hike along the Elk River. So, we packed our two backpacks with everything we would need to spend some time in the lone wilderness and started hiking up through quiet forrests. After less than 20 steps light rain set in but we just kept going. It wasn't until two hours later that we realized…that we had forgotten to pack our stove fuel! How stupid! This meant: no chance of fixing a warm dinner (camp fires forbidden, and even if..all the wood was wet), not enough other food, and bad mood. We decided to return.
That night we stayed at a logde again to dry our gear. Ok, next we tried to arrange our ferry trip to northern B.C. First we found out that services to Bella Coola only start on June 7th, which meant we would have to spend two more weeks on Vancouver Island. Not an option for us. The fiendly B.C. Ferries staff also told us that they had recently lost one of the two vessels operating those northern passages. As a result this means that the only vessel left is booked until August. That's three months from now. Awful!

So, our trip is ful of surprises. Given the circumstances we decided to take the ferry back to Vancouver and head north towards Whistler. We didn't wanna drive into Whistler directly, though. Too many other tourists -> too expensive.

We're currently at a wonderful hostel in Squamish about 30 minutes south of Whistler. We like it here and might even stay a couple of days. We'll just see day by day.

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