Countin' down

The days in Jasper weren’t really spectacular.

There’s not much to do in Jasper if the weather doesn’t allow for outdoor activities. It was pouring for 36 hours non-stop. So, we spent several hours at the library reading newspapers and magazins.

We did one hike up to The Whistlers, though. We hardly saw anyone on the trail, for there is a rather popular but old tramway that brings people up to the top. Since we’re getting a bit tired of hiking we nonetheless took the that tramway to get down to Jasper.

The next day we decided to go horse back ridding at a place next to our temporary home at the Patricia Lake. The horse ranch (i.e. stables) was rather big: 58 horses! 50 of them are boys, because – according to the guides – “girls are too moody and can get bitchy”…The two hour ride through the nearby forests was very enjoyable. Akiko liked it a lot.
She had to pay a high price, though. A few hours after the ride I noticed that her left eye was swollen and tearing. I looked like she had a blister right on her eye ball. So, I drove her to the hospital in Jasper right away (the clinic was already closed). The examined her eye thoroughly and found that it was only an allergic reaction. The doctor was, however, unable to determine what substance/particle actually had cause the reaction. Akiko was released with some eyedrops and allergy medication. The swelling was gone withing 24 hours.

We managed to check out quite a few of the restaurants in Jasper. Here’s our recommondations for fellow travelers: Kim Chi House (Korean), Denjiro (Japanese), Earl’s, and of course the Bear’s Paw Bakery.

Yesterday we drove from Jasper all the way to Prince George were we planned to go on a free tour through one of the local saw mills. However, we were stupid enough to make the reservation this morning and not yesterday when we had decided to go on that tour. Needless to mention that the tour was booked out by today…

So, I guess we’ll drive down to Williams Lake today and spend two nights there.

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