Going home?

We left NYC on Sunday for San Diego. We discovered that it is much easier to get to JFK airport from Manhattan by subway and air train than it is by bus. Think about that if you plan to visit New York.

Seeing San Diego again after 8 years felt strange but very good. We drove around and visited all the places that were familiar to us because we had been there before. It's a great feeling. We also managed to spending an evening with Akiko's ex-housemate Kristen and her husband H.J. Wonderful!

Surprisingly, the weather in California is not as good as in New York. It's not as sunny and not as warm as on the east coast. On the way from San Diego to Santa Barbara we stopped in Santa Monica – no not to spend time on the pier, that's boring – but to see the art exhibition 'Ashes and Snow'. However, the line in front of the ticket office was way too long. Too bad, but we'll try to order posters of those magnificent photos.

We arrived in Santa Barbara yesterday in the afternoon in bright sunshine. That made this pearl of a town look even prettier. It gave us the chills driving into SB. In some way it felt like coming home. We're staying at The Sandman Inn; a decent motel uptown with two heated outdoor pools and jacuzzi.

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