Hectic rush before departure

Things are getting a bit hectic now as the day of departure is right ahead. Since we plan to meet some of our friends, ex-teachers, ex-hostfamilies along the way from San Diego to San Francisco we need to make our schedule more concrete than we initially planned to. But of course, we can't just tell 'em: "hey, we'll get there whenever we feel like it, just be around".

One of my ex-teacher at EF in Santa Barbara, whom I haven't seen in eight years is leaving for vacation the very same day that we planned to arrive in SB – we'll rearrange somehow to make it happen still.

Yesterday we learned that an acquaintent we know from Toastmasters here in Zug – we haven't seen here for quite some time as well – will be in New York Monday/Tuesday May 1st/2nd and also that she'll be around San Francisco until the end May. We on the other hand will arrive in New York May 2nd and we will leave San Francisco on May 17th. So, we might arrange for a dinner or drink with her in San Francisco.

We're busy emailing and Skypeing with the various people. The fact that California is 9 hours behind does certainly not make this easier…

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