Hiking in Banff NP

Yesterday despite warnings from the visitor center ("too much snow…not recommended…") we set off for a hike up to Sentinel Pass under a wonderfully blue sky. The sun had woke us up rather early shining right into our faces! What a nice way to start a day…

Apparently we were the first to try to make it up to the pass. Traces of other hikes in the snow had almost vanished. There was indeed still a bit of snow up towards the pass but not as much as expected. And after all…we were determined to make up to the pass. With hardly any traces of other hikers my determination became even stronger. Once up at the top we spotted about a dozen other hikers behind us following our traces. A wonderful hiking day!

This morning we left for a hike up to the highest peak in the region – Mount Fairview. It proved to be a very tough and steep almost 2-hour ascent. However, the view is simply AWESOME! Anybody in moderate shape and good boots should try that while in Banff NP.

Outlook: we'll leave Lake Louise tomorrow and will follow the Icefield Parkway north to Jasper. One could drive to Jasper in a day but we'll make it in 3 days the enjoy the beauty of nature along the way – even if it means to stay in rustic hostels without electricity and no running water.

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