The first bear

We’re in Lake Louise in Banff National Park and guess what – it’s raining.

As anticipated we did some fishing at the Mile High Adventure Resort near Kamloops. The only fish we caught though, got away due to Akiko’s bad “aiming abilities”. When she tried to hit the fish dithering from my fishing rod (trying to break its neck) she somehow managed to cut the fly line apart and the fish took off. We were sorry for him.

After two days at the resort we continued our journey east. Our travel guide’s recommendation to take highway 97 instead of following highway 1 proved to be worth the extra 30 or so kilometers. We stopped in Revelstoke at the bottom of Mount Revelstoke National Park. We planned to stay for just one night, but since we felt comfortable in that little town and since we got such a good deal at the Revelstoke Lodge motel we decided to stay another night.
Now here it comes: on the way down from mount revelstoke we spotted a young black bear right next to the road when we passed it. I stopped the car immediately and we just turned our head and starred at it in awe. After maybe ten seconds of looking at us the bear crossed the street and disappeared into the woods. It was soooo cute, I tell you.

We spent a night camping in the wilderness of Glacier National Park. Since there’s still quite a bit of snow even in lower altitudes most of the trails were closed. The one we chose to hike was only open half way. That meant we had to put up our tent down in the valley next to the Grizzly Creek. There was only forest around us, we didn’t see anything but trees and water – and we felt so alone out there. At least we could hang on to each other. However, we didn’t run into any animals except the omnipresent squirrels and a deer family.

The next day we drove all the way to Lake Louise. Except for New York this is the most expensive place we’ve hit so far. Some things are even more pricy than in Switzerland! The first two nights we spent at the Deer Logde. The lodge’s location is quite nice and from the hot tub we had magnificent view towards the mountains and glaciers.

We were glad about that since the weather yesterday wasn’t good enough for long hikes. So we spent the day reading (again) and relaxing the hot tub and the sauna.

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