We're heading north

It's Sunday morning and we're sitting in a cafe in San Jose. It's pretty warm outside and the city is slowly waking up.

We didn't like leaving Santa Barbara at all; it's just too gorgeous a place. We were able to meet both Akiko's ex-hostmother and my ex-hostfamily the Johnsons. The Johnson kids have grown into teenagers and hardly remember me. No wonder, they were only 2 and 5 then in 1997/98. As we used to when we lived there, we spent some time at Borders. Loaded with books and magazines we then spent a day at the beach and at the Mission Park reading. We even managed to pay a visit to the people at Image Net, the company I worked with during my internship.

On Friday morning we set off for Morro Bay – yet another place that brought back memories. I even stayed there once with my family when they were in the US to visit me. As always we stayed at the Embarcadero Inn and had dinner at the Windows on the Water restaurant. It might sound dull to do the same things over and ove, but that's the whole purpose of tracing memories.
We rented a kajak and paddled around the bay in search of those nice birds Morro Bay is famous for. We didn't see many, but we played cat 'n mouse with a seal instead.

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