Working out in NYC

Good we brought comfortable sandals with us… However, our feet and legs still feel as if we had walked up and down Manhattan all day long. That would be a little far from the truth, but we’ve explored a lot of New York on foot indeed. Together with the wonderfully warm and sunny weather our walks are also responsible for the suntaint on our heads and arms.

You might have heard from others that New York isn’t a cheap place – they were all right, believe us. It’s expensive to eat, to sleep, to shop, to… you name it. There are a few exceptions to the rule, though. Surprisingly, the ferry that sets over to Staten Island (25min ride) is free for some mysterious reasons.

One insider(?) tip regarding breakfast: since we tried to stay away from tourist traps (overpriced restaurants for example) and Delis we tried to find something off the beaten path. The Food Emporium offers wonderful bakery, fresh fruits and a whole lot of other food at decent prices.

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