jQuery highlight plugin with lenient mode

I’m pleased to announce that the first version of my jQuery highlight plugin (based on jQuery of course) that supports a lenient mode was released today.

It normalizes or unaccents text before the highlight pattern is applied (sort of). So, it’s a quite a bit more advanced and versatile than plugins that are simply case-insensitive.

Shows how the jQuery highlight plugin is used by this blog's search

Go check it out, there’s a demo included!

3 thoughts on “jQuery highlight plugin with lenient mode

  1. That’s an amazing plugin .
    However , when I need to search for specific ID of div to be highlighted , it doesn’t work .
    $(function() {

    1. And it’s not because you “forgot” the second parameter of the highlight function?

      What doesn’t work? What’s the error message in the console? Could it be that $(‘#searchKeyword’) simply returns null?

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