Modified iTheme

Update 2013-03-24: this article refers to iTheme 1 and not to the currently used iTheme 2!

This blog uses the iTheme for its layout and graphical representation. However, I wasn’t satisfied with the fixed width of 770px. In a time where wide-screen displays have become common I felt that a lot of precious screen space was wasted left and right of the actual blog content. So, I widened it by 224px. It should still be perfectly legible with an older standard resolution of 1024×764, though.

Please let me know if you have trouble reading this blog on your screen.

Furthermore, and this is really important to me, the calendar icon with the blog post’s publication date doesn’t just display month and day but also the publication year. There must be a valid reason why so many themes don’t include that but for me this a bug and not just a missing feature. Fortunately it was easy to fix for iTheme. On line 10 of iTheme index.php I replaced


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